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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a fairly common problem among men, yet some people mistakenly believe that it’s only a problem for older men. While common in men ages 40 and older, it can happen at any age. Thankfully, treatments are available to improve your sexual health and overcome ED.

No one treatment works for everyone. For that reason, multiple options are available for men who struggle with ED. At Alexander Med Spa, we can help you determine which treatment option is right for you.

Also called the P-Shot, this is an effective treatment for ED. It involves a doctor extracting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, then injecting the PRP directly into your penile tissue. Since the P-Shot uses your tissues and cells, there is little risk involved. 

PRP promotes tissue growth, so it can help you achieve a better erection by increasing blood flow to your penis and repairing responses in cells and tissues.


As the name suggests, AWT utilizes acoustic waves to increase blood flow to your penis. Researchers found that acoustic waves help the body form new blood vessels.  

Additionally, using AWT for erectile dysfunction is safe and effective. Men who have tried the procedure achieved fuller, more sustainable erections. Best of all, the results can last two years or more, unlike taking a pill that only works in the moment. After multiple treatments, the results could be permanent.

To understand exosome therapy, you have to know what exosomes are. In short, they are small structures in a cell that carry genetic material and fluid. Studies show that exosomes play a vital role in helping cells communicate and regenerate dead tissues. 

The exosome therapy process is relatively simple. A certified doctor extracts your blood and combines it with a patch of exosomes. This new mixture is injected into your penile tissue. The combination triggers natural growth within your penis, providing you a stronger erection.

Triple Therapy

Since there isn’t one ED treatment that works for everyone, it may take a combination of treatment methods to achieve the desired results. That’s where triple therapy comes into play.

At Alexander Med Spa, we combine the P-shot, Acoustic Wave Therapy, and Exosome Therapy to help men achieve a stronger erection even when they have the most difficult cases of erectile dysfunction.

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Just because you have erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. Thanks to advancements in ED treatment, options are available to reverse erectile dysfunction or prevent it from happening. These treatment options go well beyond the effectiveness of taking pills, such as Viagra.

 At Alexander Med Spa, we can help you obtain sexual wellness. We use effective, but safe treatment options to achieve your goals.

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