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Women’s hormone levels can begin declining starting in their early twenties! Women often seek bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to combat the effects of hormonal changes. BHRT, or natural hormone therapy, is a healthy solution because it uses genuine bioidentical hormones instead of a synthetic hormone replacement. Patients are amazed by the countless ways this treatment enhances their lives.

Aging is inevitable, but with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, feeling old doesn't have to be! Countless men and women in South Florida have had their lives changed through hormone pellet therapy with Alexander Tirado.

The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Women

BHRT for women helps them reduce their experience of hot flashes and chronic headaches. It also increases energy, sex drive and overall physical health. In some cases, women pursue this treatment after noting increased irritability and decreased libido, both of which can put a strain on relationships. As if those benefits aren’t great enough, women report getting better sleep, experiencing prolonged focus and are slimming down. All told, BHRT patients report a dramatic improvement in quality of life

How Hormone Therapy Works

While there are multiple ways to administer the BHRT process, the best hormone therapy in North Miami uses hormone pellets. Hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and get implanted under your skin to provide longer-lasting increases in hormone levels compared to other methods. This releases a steady dose of hormones and avoids the up and down fluctuations patients may notice with any other delivery system (pills, patches, shots, gels, creams and oils).

Hormone pellet therapy for women is more stable and also requires less daily involvement on behalf of the patient. Once the pellet is in, it lasts for three to six months. It is without a doubt the best available method.

Is Hormone Therapy Right for Me?

BHRT is ideal for ladies who are experiencing the negative effects of aging mentioned above and want to feel young again. If age is just a number, you don’t have to give in to nature’s schedule! The best part about natural hormone therapy is that it gives your body the hormones you need without the ugly side effects and risks of using a synthesized drug.

Hormone Therapy at Alexander Medical Spa

Alexander Medical Spa offers the best solution for BHRT in North Miami Beach. Our staff is caring and knowledgeable, so you will be completely at ease and in good hands from start to finish. We only hire the best professionals and we rely on decades of research. This means you can rest assured we’re successfully using the most innovative practices in the industry today. Our cutting-edge testosterone pellet therapy for men is the best in the business.




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